Axed ABC Newser Faked ‘Bama Sitdown


French Barack interview, c’est faux: Obama says he never gave an interview to a French magazine in which he supposedly calls the war in Iraq a “defeat.” The reporter behind the fabrication, Alexis Debat, was asked to resign from ABC News in June after his alleged Ph.D. from the Sorbonne was also found to be false.

Frey fiction: The disgraced, embellishing memoirist who was ripped into a million little pieces by Oprah and shunned by the literary world will release his debut novel, Bright Shiny Morning, through HarperCollins next summer.

Goldman squeezes the Juice: Speaking of Oprah, Fred Goldman will appear on the show today to promote OJ‘s, If I Did It: Confessions of a Killer. Goldman has virtually cut Simpson’s hypothetical “if” from the title by reducing the font size to microscopic levels.

Democratic mashup: The eight Dem candidates field hardball questions from Charlie Rose and “wildcard” queries from Bill Maher in an online candidates’ forum. Maher asks of Joe Biden: “A good reason why … marijuana should be illegal.”

Eggers does good: The man behind McSweeney’s became the youngest person ever to win one of the $250,000 Heinz awards, which he will donate to his nonprofit writing and tutoring centers.

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