Obama: Money For Practically Nothing

AFFORDABLE HOUSING Obama (Photo: Getty Images)

A happy house: Barack Obama‘s campaign says the discounted rate the presidential candidate got on his home loan in 2005 was nothing out of the ordinary and just “reflected the base rate set for that period discounted to address the competition for the account and other opportunities.”

After Arnold: Tabloid ready San Francisco mayor and gay-rights advocate Gavin Newsom has launched an exploratory bid for the California governorship.

Maybe babies: This much we know: Angelina Jolie has been admitted to a hospital in France to rest before giving birth to the twins. Everything’s going well,” says a hospital spokesman, “She’ll be leaving with her babies, but we can’t say when.”

SURE, THERE’S MORE: Microsoft v. Yahoo, Round 23; iPhone news; pistols in the airport?; and Cruise yourself!

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