Barack and Hillary Brace for Critical Primary Tallies

IT’S BEEN A LONG WEEK Obama (Photo: Getty Images)

Tuesday night at the fights: Perhaps a little anxious about the big primary night ahead, presidential hopeful Barack Obama gets a wee bit snippy with reporters he sees as buying into opponent Hillary Clinton‘s media play: “This whole spin that the press is being so tough of them and not tough on us. I just didn’t expect you guys would bite on that.”

Fall in love all over again: There haven’t been any new episodes for a few weeks, but anxious teen girls can now sleep in peace—Gossip Girl has been renewed for another season.

Fare thee well, noble gamer: Gary Gygax, a co-founder of dark-magic boardgame Dungeons and Dragons, takes leave of this mortal coil at the age of 69.

Safe house: With inauguration day less than a year away, creepy Veep Dick Cheney is planning ahead and building his retirement digs—across the street from CIA headquarters.

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