Barack And Batman Battling It Out

HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO Obama, inset: Batman (Photo: Getty Images)

This summer, celluloid superheroes aren’t just battling each other at the box office and evil villains onscreen. They’ve got new competition in the form of that most hopeful presidential candidate: Barack Obama, who even has his own superhero action figure.

While Obama may be holding on to the tiniest lead over McCain in the the latest poll, he’s lost his lead to Batman on Radar‘s Fame-O-Meter. The Dark Knight‘s opening is so eagerly anticipated this coming weekend (yes, it’s only Monday) that theatres are scheduling 6 a.m. shows on opening day, in addition to your typically fan-crazed midnight and 3 a.m. shows. Batman and the late Heath Ledger look to be a hotter ticket than Barack Obama and whomever he chooses as VP, at least for the next week or two.

Save your day. Click over to Radar‘s Fame-O-Meter to see the latest on the Summer Superhero race.

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