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Banksy Identity Revealed Probably


You’ve heard of this guy Banksy? He’s an anonymous graffiti artist, kind of like what Basquiat once was except he’s from England, ugly, prefers stencils, and has fewer clever ideas. But he’s anonymous, and for that he’s earned himself a place on Christina Aguilera‘s wall and in sentences beside artists like, um, Basquiat. Now the Daily Mail believes they may have finally, once and for all identified him. (Except the mother of man they allege him to be says she doesn’t have a son.) Anyway, he was a semi-rich kid (not unlike Basquiat). From Bristol. He’s incredibly “talented.” We’d recount the whole story, but, no, we’d rather not. It’s much like you’re expecting, and much like what has been reported already, we’ll say that much. We’ll also add that Basquiat nailed Madonna, and that Madonna is maybe very nearly single again and is likely looking to get nailed by anyone who’s said to be kind of like Basquiat. Which some think Bansky is. So if it’s true that his cover is in fact blown, he might as well do that.