Gallery Cops to Banksy Piggyback?


Bank shot: When asked to comment on Banksy’s claims that an installation at the Vanina Holasek Gallery, “Banksy Does New York,” is “completely unauthorized and unlikely to be worth visiting,” a spokeswoman at the offending gallery responds, “He’s probably right.”

Mercí!: Legendary WaPo editor Ben Bradlee, whom Radar recently spoke with, received the Legion of Honor from France last week—a mere 51 years after his petty expulsion from Paris for trying to interview leaders of Algeria’s revolutionary rebel army.

Tonight’s topless story: A new photo spread in FHM by heat wave-inducing weather woman Elita Loresca stokes the age-old debate over who, in fact, is the world’s hottest newscaster. Film at 11.

Rumor mill: Is word of dissent in the ranks at the week-old actually true, or is it merely the conjecture of an error-prone blogger? Rumor has it, insiders aren’t super thrilled about the approach to “news” New York bureau chief Kathy Campbell brought with her from In Style.

Immaculate cholesterol: A Florida man and his doctors claim to see the silhouette of Jesus in an X-ray of his chest. It’s not yet known if the man will ask his friends to start calling him Mary.

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