Obama’s Latest Slam Dunk

BALLIN’! Obama

Defying stereotypes as usual, Barack Obama is telling Sports Illustrated that he could dunk a basketball when he was 16. Though not a regular dunker on his high school team, he claims to have rocked the rim several times one day in practice. According to Obama, “it was just one of those magical days when you’re in the zone.”

Historically, this is a notable achievement for a prospective president, but not quite in the league of President Teddy Roosevelt, who boxed and practiced jujitsu daily and once shot down a charging rhino that came within yards of trampling him. And even within the current Democratic field, Obama has competition for most impressive athletic feat. Roundish candidate Bill Richardson, for instance, has regularly demonstrated an ability to crash through fences and brick walls while holding a pitcher of Kool Aid. Oh yeah!

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