Bailout For Rich Muttonheads In Danger!


The White House is going to lose its war (not that war) to pay failed Wall Street executives millions of dollars. There’s no way that a bailout plan will make it through without caps on just how many buttloads of money the taxpayers can give to washed-up, arrogant monsters who have run financial service companies into the ground with their idiocy, greed, and selfishness while putting their children through private school and buying multiple multi-million dollar houses. (Sell the boat.) So! The White House desperately wants this Wall Street bailout, in which the government overpays for dubious assets, real bad. This morning, the White House press were told: “I mean, every business, every employer, and so every employee in America depends every day on the flow of money coming through our financial system to sustain their normal business operations.” Then they droned on and on about “Main Street.”

You know what? That’s not really at all what the bailout is about! In fact, the National Small Business Association is totally pissed because they’re perfectly clear on the fact that the bailout helps only a small number of large financial institutions and a smaller number of rich men.

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