Bai Ling Caught Stealing…Magazines and Batteries?


Bai Ling, the bisexual Chinese actress whose contributions to men’s skin mags far outweigh her contributions to cinema, was arrested yesterday at LAX. Her crime? Attempting to relieve a terminal store of two celeb magazines and a pack of batteries. Maybe they were of the pricier D-battery variety? Anyway, Ling’s five-finger discount would have saved her a whopping $16, a veritable drop in the bucket compared to the $4,760 worth of designer duds that Winona Ryder tried to steal from a Beverly Hills Saks in 2001.

Ling, darling: Rather than suffer through the indignity of being caught stealing MAGAZINES, why not just subscribe? You know you can get 10 issues of Radar for the low, low price of $10, don’t you?

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