Bai Ling’s Shoplifting Bust Merely a Misunderstanding

JUST GETTING BAI Ling (Photo: Getty Images)

The DA has reduced shoplifting charges against Bai Ling to an infraction, saying she had no criminal intent when she walked off with some magazines and batteries from a store at the Los Angeles airport. Ling explained the incident as a mix-up, saying that store clerks had asked her to step aside and wait after she asked about the the right sized batteries for a toy she’d purchased. “I went across the [hall] with the toy in my hand, and asked which battery would fit. They told me [they knew which would fit], but they had really long line and I had to make the flight,” Bai tells Page Six. “I literally walked to the side of the store, texting, talking. Then the police come. All the lights, and they took me. I had no intention to take.”

Mix-ups will be mix-ups, so we’ll give her the benefit of doubt, especially considering that, as notable shoplifters go, her explanation/excuse is better than most. After the jump, some of our fave celebrity shoplifting excuses of yore.

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