Tattoos: America’s Favorite Scourge


I don’t have any tattoos, and unless someone develops a way to ink one that is also an MP3 player/iPhone/ATM, it is unlikely I ever will. In this I happen to be just like Washington Post artifact Richard Cohen. (I expect maybe that’s the only way?) Unlike me, though, Cohen’s really worked himself into a tizzy over body art, branding tattoos as the “battle flag of today in its war with tomorrow. It is carried by sure losers.” That is really harsh, Old Man. Anyway, he was maybe on to something for a minute? Right up until he veers off the rocking chair and into how tattooing mirrors America’s screwed up short-sightedness with respect to personal finance. It’s quite a leap. Anyway, why not revisit the gallery that is surely responsible for sending Cohen over the deep end? Now handily referred to as Richard Cohen’s You Are Screwing Up Your Life and Taking the American Economy With You Gallery of the Worst Tattoos. Thanks, Dick. [WaPo]

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