Avril Moshes Into the Fashion Pit


Are you, or do you currently pay for, a junior in search of a “lifestyle brand”? Does the Hannah Montana line skew a tad too Nickelodean for your goth leanings, and have the Olsens bong-ripped themselves so far into adulthood that you don’t even know who they are anymore or what their “style” is supposed to represent? It’s okay. Avril Lavigne, working with outlet megastore Kohl’s, is bringing Abbey Dawn, the punk-princess’ signature line of clothing and accessories, to market in July 2008. Of the accessories line, an executive working on the project notes the jewelry will include “very fun, flirty pieces, gypsy earrings, bangles, rubber bracelets, and long necklaces that you wrap around.” Oh, rad. [WWD]

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