Times Reporter’s Accidental Pellicano Leak


Attorneys for Anthony Pellicano are trying to get their hands on the records of two New York Times reporters. The lawyers want to find out who leaked evidence to the journos from the case against their jailed Hollywood private investigator client. And while the reporters in question, David M. Halbfinger and Allison Hope Weiner, aren’t likely to give up their notes without a fight, they haven’t always been so protective.

Early last year, Halbfinger and Weiner conducted a series of interviews with Paul Barresi, a former PI and porn actor who has worked for Pellicano (in the former capacity, not the latter). After one meeting, Weiner left a sheaf of notes—a few dozen pages’ worth—behind. Barresi took several days to look them over before returning them to their owner.

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