Sean Avery Bucks The Trend


Sean Avery, the deeply loathed professional hockey player who spent his off-season recovering from a ruptured spleen and interning at Vogue, has a new girlfriend! Rather than pick up any one of the myriad 20-something fashion assistants he was surrounded by at 4 Times Square, the 28-year-old Avery went a wee bit older: 51-year old Kelly Klein, the ex-wife of designer Calvin Klein. In dating a woman 23 years his senior (and nearly twice as old as his ex-girfriend, Elisha Cuthbert), Avery, who will be playing in Dallas next season, bucks the trend of athletes dating significantly younger ladies. And good for him! Let’s look back at some of the brightest lights in the firmament against which Avery is rebelling. Which is to say, here are four famous athletes who scored some much younger tail:

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