Casting Celebrity Re-rehab 2

HOW COME WE NEVER HANG ANYMORE? Corolla, Pinsky (Photo: Getty Images)

Say what you will about the pure schadenfreude that initially drove us all to enter Celebrity Rehab. Along the way, we genuinely got hooked, and, we dare say, found something … about the show … and ourselves (sniff) … that we liked. Seriously, if a show can give you a reason to care about Jeff Conaway and simultaneously ruin any masturbatory fantasy you might ever have had about Mary Carey (a whole different taste concern for another post), it can certainly make it another season. Producers must have panicked at the prospect that they’d have to hunt down a whole new crop of fuckups for a follow-up, though. There are plenty of Baldwins, but there is only one crack-whiffin’, Vicodin-chewin, ecstasy relapsin’ Shifty Shellshock. VH1’s own blog jokingly posted about a dream cast, but it wasn’t very likely (Angelina Jolie? Not in time for a new , anyway.) To help the process along, Radar looks into the crystal ball for our own Celebrity Rehab 2 suggestions …

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