Z100 Spins Dupré’s 15 Minutes of Musical Fame

RADIO-FREE YOUMANS Aka Dupre (Photo: MySpace)

Late Wednesday, the New York Times published the identity of the prostitute allegedly used by Eliot Spitzer, Ashley Alexandra Dupré. By 3:30 p.m. Thursday, Dupré’s song “What We Want” was getting played on New York’s wildly popular Z100 radio station. By Monday (or thereabouts), the song will likely have tanked, Z100 senior vice president of programming tells Radar.

“I think it’s going to die down really quickly,” Tom Poleman says. The song has only been played a handful of times, but the station’s listeners, those fickle followers of this minute’s club-thumping rump-shakers, are already slamming it. Don’t look for a record deal to come out of any of this anytime soon, Poleman says. “I don’t think it’s ultimately going to be a hit judging by the listener response … I can tell you a day into it, the listeners are already throwing it back.”

So why play it at all? Buzz. “Love it or hate it people want to hear what it sounds like,” Poleman adds. “That’s what we do in radio, we respond quickly, and we gauge the reaction from the listeners. And they have spoken.”

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