Spitzer’s Girl To Make Rent, And Then Some


• <a href="http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2008/03/whats_next_for_kristen_playboy.html
” target=”_blank”>Paid: As Radar first reported, Eliot Spitzer’s possibly 32-year-old lady of the night, Ashley Alexandra Dupré (aka “Kristen”) has some lucrative options for making rent on her fancy Flatiron pad. Playboy and Penthouse are interested in photo shoots with America’s Whore, and her Amie Street tracks have been downloaded over two million times. Her literary options are slightly less promising. Book publishers aren’t sure if Kristen’s or wifey Silda’s story would make for a more lucrative book deal.

Ordering a hit: CBS CEO Les Moonves calls Fox’s ratings powerhouse, American Idol, a “monster” and pleads for someone to “kill that show.”

Balance transfers: In what could be one of the greatest political frauds in recent history (and god knows, we’ve had plenty), GOP officials say Christopher J. Ward, former treasurer for the National Republican Congressional Committee, may have diverted as much as $1 million of the committee’s funds into his personal accounts. What, no hookers?

WAIT, THERE’S MORE: Be Paris’s new best friend, Neverland saved, and free virus with purchase!

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