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By the Numbers: An Economic Analysis of ‘Kristen’

PAY FOR PLAY Dupre (Photo: MySpace)

Ashley Alexandra Dupré, aka “Kristen,” aka the cute-ish 22-year-old hooker who, ahem, brought down New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, is officially the hottest thing on the Internet.

Over at Gawker, a gallery of her photos has already earned the blogger of the post a hefty traffic bonus. Her MySpace page is generating 5,000 visitors a minute, which is probably the reason she’s decided to keep it live. “What We Want,” her decently catchy debut single, has been played more than two million times and counting. She even has a fake Tumblr. The burning question: How effectively will “America’s Whore” be able to monetize her new-found fame?

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