As The Biological Clocks Click

TO COO OR TO VOMIT? Brad, Shiloh, baby doll (Photo: Getty Images)

For all we know, Angelina Jolie could be popping out a set of sparkly twins right this minute—that’s the same set, remember, that she supposedly popped out last week but didn’t really. What better time, then, to examine the four kids she and his highness Brad Pitt already share and discuss the Internet popularity of gurgling tots? We can think of none! Radar‘s Fame-O-Meter tells us that baby Shiloh is getting the most (online) attention, as younger children so often do (enjoy it now, baby … that status is fleeting). Maddox, the original Angelina adoptee, is in second, while middle children Zahara and Pax duke it out for third. Let Radar‘s Fame-O-Meter tell you more.

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