Appeals Court Rips NYC Judge; “Killer Lesbians” Set Free


Last year, four Jersey women were sent to prison by a ridiculous New York State Supreme Court Judge for attacking a man on the street who came on to them and said he’d “fuck them straight.” (The case was quite popular in the tabloids; the women were described as a “wolf pack” of “killer lesbians.” Except, you know, one of them weighed 95 pounds soaking wet.) Yesterday, the appeal court found that some of the charges on which two of the women were convicted and sentenced were inapplicable—and that jury charges and instructions were incorrect and confusing. (They did not bother to find that the judge was obnoxious and heavy-handed in court as well, but the record speaks for itself.) For one of the women, Terrain Dandridge (pictured above), the indictment was thrown out entirely; she’ll leave prison on Monday after a year. Look out, boys!

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