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Anonymous on Trial? Scientology Steps Up Skirmish


More members of Anonymous are finding out the real costs of doing battle with Scientology.

A Church spokesperson recently denied that “lawyers” were visiting the members of the Guy Fawkes-masked Thetan-addled Church antagonists. But Radar has discovered several incidents in which representatives of law firms have delivered some form of legal letters to suspected Anons, often at their homes. Get that? The “lawyers” from the firms are not themselves hand-delivering the letters, making the Scientology spokesperson’s claim technically right, though practically a lie. Besides, it’s the lawyers for Scientology-hired firms that have been slapping their names on the delivered documents and DVD packages. Firms like Latham & Watkins or Johnson Pope, Bokor, Ruppel & Burns. At least one Latham & Watkins letter was signed by David J. Schindler, the former Assistant U.S. Attorney who prosecuted the criminally mischievous nerd any self-respecting hacker wannabe worships, Kevin Mitnick.

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