Anonymous Out to “Save” Katie Holmes From Starting Production House of Her Own

RESCUE MISSION Holmes, Husband (Photo: Getty Images)

Most of the protests sponsored by the anti-Scientology group Anonymous are intended to warn passers-by about the dangers of joining the pseudo-religious cult. (Also, there are funny masks!) Not the one planned on October 16th, though: that particular picket will take place on Broadway, outside of the theater that will house the revival of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, in some kind of spirited effort to prevent the play’s star Katie Holmes from following down the path of her crazy (though less so of late!) Scientologist husband Tom Cruise.

A spokesperson for the group says the goal of the protest is to “save Katie” and “hopefully get Katie out of it before its too late,” not to shutdown production of the play. They’d have been better off trying to do that to Valkyrie!

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