Anna Wintour’s Fashion Week Diary: Update VIII


1:45 p.m.: No sight of Anna, but we did talk to self-proclaimed “runway coach” Dexter Ivy, who saw her earlier today. His assessment of her strut: “She gets nervous. She needs to keep her shoulders back and have her hands not look dead. But she works the bob.”

2:00 p.m.: Got kicked out of the tent for not having credentials. Just spotted sidekick Andre outside, though. Anna is in the building!

2:06 p.m.: No site of Anna. But did meet a woman who used to work at Vogue with Wintour who said Anna was “very particular” about making sure people kept their desks clean—and that she’d go out of her way to comment if you didn’t. Anna and Rolling Stone editor Jann Wenner seemingly have a lot in common!

Where’s Wintour

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