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The Devil Wears … Oh, Whatever


Here’s one way to draw publicity to your soon-to-be launched watch company: name the thing after the most powerful woman in fashion. At least that’s the thinking behind the new “Wintour” brand of timepieces, which are allegedly inspired by none other than famed Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

We say “allegedly” because no one has actually seen any of the watches (the company has refused to issue a preview), nor is it clear exactly how the watch is supposed to pay homage to Anna (a company spokesperson only says rather cryptically, “You will understand when you see it”). Which probably means we’ll all take one look at the thing when it debuts tomorrow at the JCK jewelry trade show, mutter to ourselves, “That’s it?,” and never speak of it again! Until then, here are five possibilities for how Anna may have inspired the watch.