Anna Nicole Left a Clue About Her BD


Remember that Anna Nicole Smith video diary entry intended for the bombshell’s blog but inexplicably mailed to a Brooklyn auto body shop? The one where she’s visibly tipsy nine months into her pregnancy?

Given another chance to comb through the footage, Radar has discovered an astonishing clue to identifying Dannielynn’s daddy. “He’s a successful businessman,” Smith slurs, likely on methadone and ready to pop out her daughter just days later.

While no one has completely cracked the code that is Anna-speak, the claim seems to rule out Larry Birkhead. Paparazzi are entrepreneurs of a sort, but she clearly wasn’t banging Birkhead for his bank account.

As for “prince” Frédéric von Anhalt, his primary business seems to be buying discount royalty titles—also, his business probably doesn’t work.

Though his primary “business” was Smith herself, the statement reeks of Howard K. Stern, with the frozen sperm of her late octogenarian ex running a close, albeit creepy, second.

Drugged and Pregnant Anna Nicole Tape Too Hot for TV
Anna Nicole Smith’s Baby Daddy Decoder

Photo: Getty Images

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