Tabs Come Undone Over Angelina’s Preggy-Sex Talk


This week’s glossies are made possible by a grant from Entertainment Weekly! EW sat down with the world’s most famous humanitarian uterus, Angelina Jolie, and came away with gold. Angie’s marquee quote: “Pregnancy is great for the sex life. It just makes you a lot more creative,” found its way into all the weekly warriors. But there were enough ear-catching statements in the interview for each of the tabs to hobble together a cover.

Using the same trick it did with Angie’s Vanity Fair interview a few weeks ago, Us simply pulls quotes puts them in colorful boxes. We especially enjoy the way they slap on little cutout Angelina heads with different emotions. On pregnancy sex: big smiling Angie head. On the Election: more solemn smiley head. On family bedtime: laughing head.

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