Angel Makes Diaz Disappear

TOP, MAGICIAN Not-Cameron Diaz, Angel, Lohan (inset)

The magic’s gone: Criss Angel, apparently moving on from Cameron Diaz, is seen making time with Lindsay Lohan.

Mmm, delicious dry wit: Conan O’Brien jokingly expresses his outrage over not being asked to help write The Simpsons movie.

Mothra?: A Japanese nuclear power plant is leaking radioactive waste, providing a whole new generation of Japanese children a chance to be terrified by giant spiders/lizards/moths—that or it’s a publicity stunt for J.J. Abrams‘s new movie.

Good times: After Harry Reid makes grouchy senators stay up all night, the Washington Post recalls a much more eventful all-nighter from ’88, when Robert Byrd ordered the arrest of any absentees—Bob Packwood (R-OR) was carried back to the Senate chamber screaming by capitol police.

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