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Pettitte Avoids Stand in Clemens Case, Truth Probably Averted

HIGH, HARD ONE Clemens (Photo: Getty Images)

At least we know who won’t be committing perjury tomorrow in the Roger Clemens-Brian McNamee steroids case. Yesterday, Clemens’ former teammate and good friend Andy Pettitte was granted permission to opt out of testifying against Clemens in front of Congress, probably because his affidavit more closely corroborates McNamee’s version of the story than it does Clemens’.

In a February 4 deposition, Pettitte, who has admitted to using human growth hormone (for two days, because his elbow was hurt, and before it was banned by MLB), supposedly said he asked McNamee back in 2002, “How come you don’t give me the stuff you give Roger?” to which McNamee replied, “Because it’s illegal.” Clemens doesn’t deny that the conversation occurred, but claims that Pettitte was actually talking about plain old medication, not steroids or HGH. A simple misunderstanding between veteran trainer and veteran professional baseball player, you see!