The Andy Dick-Move Timeline

HEXED Dick, Lovitz (inset)

New information has come to light on the Andy Dick/Jon Lovitz debacle. This thing goes deep—and involves a decade-old feud, drugs, murder, and a now-infamous, particularly perturbing peach liquor incident.

It was nearly a year ago, at Lovitz’s restaurant in West Hollywood, that Dick cast a “Phil Hartman hex,” (named for the deceased comedian) on Lovitz, demonically proclaiming that Lovitz would be the next to die. On The Dennis Miller Show Tuesday, Lovitz explained, “My blood just went to my head … and the table was right behind him … I wanted to smash him, but if I hit him he would’ve gone flying into the people.” The night ended without incident, but Lovitz made himself a promise: “I swore, I said the next time I see him I’m going to smash his face in.”

The Lovitz incident, it turns out, is only the latest in a long string of Andy’s Dick-moves. The full timeline after the jump …

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