Because Huge Dude Needs Space, That’s Why

IT’S NOT A DIS OR ANYTHING! Talley (circled), Julia Allison, Others

Aha! We were (sorta) right! We sat next to an ex-PR rep for New York Fashion Week today during the Diesel show who was able to shed some light on why actress/songbird Juliette Lewis was seated in the first row, and Vogue Editor at Large Andre Leon Talley was in the third (nothing, however, on why he was even at a Diesel show in the first place). “He’s almost seven-feet tall. He doesn’t like his feet being stepped on when he’s in front.” And since the third row is situated on the next group of risers, Andre prefers the elevation to second-row seats. Some of you may have even known this, and well good for you! All you others (and us): Mystery solved! Now get back to work.

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