Ana Marie Cox: Dean Reynolds Is “Asinine,” All Reporters Agree


Word is just in from—or as the people on the TV say, “Word in now from”—Radar‘s peripatetic Washington editor Ana Marie Cox, who has just left what she describes as “the angriest McPalin rally ever,” out in the great state of Wisconsin. (How angry? Slate‘s John Dickerson reports that the attendees are giving the finger to the press on John McCain‘s bus. CHARMED.) Also, while it took a question from the audience to bring up Rev. Wright, McCain brought up American terrorist/Obama pal Bill Ayers all on his own. Anyway, obviously one of the hot topics of the day was whiny-whinerpuss Dean Reynolds, the Chicago correspondent for CBS, who bitched about waiting on the tarmac and the Obama plane being SMELLY on his blog. Says Cox, “When I overheard some reporters this morning comparing how many hotel points they had racked up (‘One more Hilton stay and I’ll be Diamond level’), I shivered with rage at that guy all over again.” Still: “Every other reporter I talk to thinks the the column was asinine.”

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