An Open Letter to Stephen Colbert


Dear Stephen,

Remember how, when you were first getting started, you railed against the Associated Press for failing to credit you for coining “truthiness” and called them “The No. 1 Threat Facing America”? Well, they’ve done it again. And this time, they hijacked you and your show as unwitting partners in failing to give credit where it’s due.

During Tuesday night’s “The Word” segment on your eponymous Report, you repeated, even lauded, our headline, “Is Your Baby Gay?” But instead of throwing a bone to the folks who published the article, you followed the lead of your own worst enemy and namechecked the blowhard Southern Baptist, Albert Mohler, who cherry-picked from our story to ruffle his flock’s feathers and keep his own name in the news. Everyone knows that’s our gig.

[The offending segment after the jump!]

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