An Item About Angelina Jolie


I don’t know, apparently Angelina Jolie gave birth in France, and now a parade of her previously created children are filing in, each holding a single flower. WHAT KIND OF FLOWER? Us Weekly does not say. They are like a bunch of von Trapps running from the paparazzi Nazis, but with the film played in reverse. This captivating, extremely Schnabel-esque image of a French hospital filled with delightful and fragrant children is only slightly undermined by the gritty, Polanskian idea of the second cesarean that delivered her twins. Did the twins spring out each with a fist of long grains—the harvest! The harvest of childhood!—and a fist of celluloid? IS SOMEONE FILMING OUR GENERATION’S JOHN AND YOKO’S OWN FERTILE BED-IN?

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