Amy Winehouse’s Career on the Rocks


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” target=”_blank”>Candid camera: Weathered pop singer Amy Winehouse debuts a video, this time showcasing her talents as an alleged crackhead and talking of just having popped a half dozen Valium.

Heil Cruise: Guido Knopp, a respected German historian, compares Tom Cruise‘s work in the Scientology video to the stylings of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. “That scene where he asks whether the Scientologists should clean up the world and everyone shouts ‘yes’ is inevitably reminiscent of Goebbels’ notorious speech,” Knopp told a German paper.

One girl, Two cups: Ex Marilyn Manson vamp Dita von Teese to become the new face—and bod—of Wonderbra.

Unceremonious: Chinese citizens protest in Beijing, claiming the government illegally evicted them, demolished their homes, and beat them in preparation for the Olympics.

Fear factor: Striking writers whine that they aren’t getting enough love from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, accusing the two candidates of being afraid of losing the support of moneyed Hollywood head honchos. John Edwards, however, is giving the writers good loving on the picket line.

Evil prevails: What we learned this morning: Do not cross Rudy Giuliani.

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