Poehler Kills, Garofalo Must Love Dogs


Surprise guest Amy Poehler traded barbs with The Ten director David Wain last night at a party for the show with Rashida Jones, Seth Herzog, and Michael Showalter, at the Blender Theatre in Manhattan. Poehler, who was in Wain’s Wet Hot American Summer deadpanned about the Ten Commandments comedy: “I want to see what happens [to] Bo Derek!”

She then shared some news in typically nonsensical style about an upcoming film: “I play Jessica Alba!”

After declaring that she hadn’t seen the film yet, “and like you guys, I’ll be going to pay money to see it,” host Wain responded, “This should be one of your skits on Saturday Night Live!”

Poehler shot back: “You sound like my uncle.”

Wain countered, “You should be in Coke commercials.”

Janeane Garofalo, who’s in the film, did her act and publicly thanked Poehler “for getting me to A.A.” in 2001.

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