America’s Long Financial Nightmare Is Over (LOL)

EXECUTIVE MATERIAL? Palin (Photo: Getty Images)

Sarah Palin‘s popularity poll numbers are down.
• Palin, like Dick Cheney, may not believe that the Vice Presidency is part of the executive branch.
• Ambitious little New York A.G. Andrew Cuomo is “launching a probe” into short-selling. We wish he would launch a probe into space, with himself inside. Also: barn door, horses, fire, crowded theater, etc.

• The U.S. government is going to stabilize Wall Street! With massive amounts of cash! That is the American way, we can throw just loads of money at this thing.
• Still, the alleged “crisis of confidence” is allegedly over, with foreign markets well up this morning. Back to business as usual! Cheering at the close of the New York Stock Exchange yesterday! (Personal to Wall Street: It’s not over and you know it! Six more months of correction—cough, S&P TROUGH, cough—and we’ll talk.)
• America’s favorite brand: Coke. But also they love GE? How is that possible?

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