American Idol: Kristy Lee Cook Booted, Mimi Denuded

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Unlike last week’s American Idol, Wednesday night’s results show yielded no surprises, with an as-predicted all-female bottom three consisting of Brooke White, Syesha Mercado, and the ultimately canned Kristy Lee Cook. But that’s not to say the night was without its curiosities and amusements. Could anyone figure out what Paula Abdul’sscarf/neck corsage/diamond necklace contraption was exactly? And was anyone else perversely pleased to see Mariah Carey return to stellar Mimi form, performing with a fan gently blowing her hair back, singing into a rhinestone-encrusted microphone and mic stand, all while wearing a skintight, short, and low-cut black scrap of fabric passing as a dress?

Gone was the poised, gentle Mariah of Tuesday, and back was the full-on crazy diva America has grown to love. Very pleasing, indeed.

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