American Idol: Has-beens Recycled as Wannabes


As though self-involved thespians masquerading as wacky contestants weren’t enough, American Idol has been exposed by a longtime nemesis and the mainstream media as being nothing but a “boring hash of recycled pseudo-celebrities who weren’t good enough to make it the first time around.” was created four years ago to promote voting for AI contestants not favored by judges. The site has been somewhat successful, most notably in the talent show’s sixth season: Were it not for the tender mercies of the site, America might never have been subjected to the long run of the consistently flat, raspy vocals of shape-shifting hairnut Sanjaya Malakar.

The top 50 contestants on this season of Idol have now been established, and it turns out the discerning fan will recognize at least a few of them. Here are just three of the several has-beens being recycled as Idol contestants:

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