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AI Finale: David Cook Comes From Behind

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Last night’s marathon finale of American Idol encompassed the best and worst the show has to offer. Defying expectations, the show named former bartender David Cook its season seven winner in the very last minute of a 120-minute bore-a-thon, which proved that occasionally the show does get something right, even if it spends the bulk of the season keeping viewers mired in frustration and annoyance.

Up until the coronation of Cook over David Archuleta as the latest Idol, the never-ending finale was ineffably droll—pointless filler devoid of personality and with questionably talented contestants (talking to you, Amanda Overmyer—you are not as talented as you think you are); painful choreographed “dance” numbers; egregious product placement; and presumptive judging. All of which only served to stretch the show into a ginormous snoozefest, until roughly the 107th minute, when George Michael appeared on stage to save us all.