American Idol: Little Archuleta’s Season-ending Haymaker

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For a moment, let’s indulge American Idol in its desire to make last night’s season seven finale the equivalent of a heavyweight showdown between two equally talented contenders. In the blue corner, 25-year old former bartender, David Cook, the Muhammad Ali of this year’s Idols. Consistently, Cook has been full of flair and finesse, working to bring something new to the table. In the red corner, 17-year-old “soaking wet” phenom David Archuleta. The Mike Tyson of the finalists, Archuleta may have some personality issues, but he gives the people what they want—a knockout of some variety every time he takes the stage.

In truth, the show was not so dramatic. No surprise ear-bites here, folks. Even with “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble’s” Michael Buffer (clip above) on hand to open the show and commentary from sports commentator Jim Lampley and his arsenal of boxing metaphors, viewers knew the real battle was David Cook’s. Could he perhaps topple heavily favored Archuleta with the performance viewers have been hoping for all season? The answer: no. Let’s go to the Lederman Card for details:

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