Amex Wraps Up Diane Von Furstenberg

Amid the random montages and Gary Busey shenanigans of Sunday’s Oscars, American Express debuted its latest commercial with wrap-dress-maven Diana von Furstenberg. Von Furstenberg will be the new face of Amex, with a print campaign shot by Annie Leibovitz (no stranger to shillery herself) set to run soon.

The commercial, directed by Oscar-nominated director Bennett Miller (Capote), takes a more meditative tone than the chaos of Tina Fey or Wes Anderson‘s Amex spots, which is to say they’re still annoying—just in a different way. America Express, can you stop taking people whose talent we admire and having them to do your ridiculous ads? People we admire, can you stop taking untold amounts of cash for a couple days’ worth … oh, right.

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