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Mall Shopper Captures Utah Shootout

Caught on tape: Home video has cropped up of a gun battle between a berserk teenager and cops in a Utah mall. The gunman killed five people ages 15 to 52 before being stopped by a cop having dinner with his wife in the food court.

Olbermann ’til 2011: Like the only kid over six foot on a middle school basketball team, Keith Olbermann will continue as MSNBC’s leading scorer for four more years.

Anything for press: Former boy band impresario and big fat man Lou Pearlman had his Florida apartment raided by federal agents yesterday, allegedly in connection with fraud claims. His Justin Timberlake, ironically, has proved to be a genuine talent.

Maybe he can win a virtual election, too: Those virtual hotties in Second Life land can add another bombshell to their ranks—John Edwards has opened a campaign headquarters there.

Sorry, wrong Bono: North Dakota lawmakers have struck down a resolution to honor Irish messiah Bono. If it had been Sonny Bono, like some initially thought, it’d be a different story.