Vogue’s Unbiased Look at the Media Wedding Event of the Century


In case you missed the announcement in the New York Times Style section, bath-loving New York Observer gadfly Spencer Morgan and Vanity Fair executive fashion editor Alexis Bryan were married this past Saturday in an intimate ceremony in Houston. (They also have a young kiddo on the way. Congrats on both counts!) Vogue columnist William Norwich weighs in with some details he procured while following the bride around for her dress fitting at the showroom of designer Nina Ricci (evidently, it didn’t go so well—she ended up wearing Oscar de la Renta): Alexis’ sister was her maid of honor! Her mom, an avid gardener, did the flowers! There was a luncheon for 15 following the wedding at the River Oaks Country Club! They honeymoon is in Cabo San Lucas! Norwich declines to mention that Bryan is the daughter of Vogue editor Anna Wintour‘s boyfriend/life-partner Shelby Bryan, but he does note that Alexis changed into an “American Eagle dress” after the fitting was over. American Eagle? What would Anna think?!

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