A-Rod Getting By With a Little Help From His Friends at the Post

IN THE PR/ER Alex (Photo: Getty Images)

Yesterday, the Daily News reported that Cynthia Rodriguez is so pissed off at husband Alex Rodriguez for maybe hooking up with Madonna (but definitely hooking up with a bunch of strippers) that she’s refusing to let him see their kids. Well, today, the Yankee slugger has managed to finagle himself a rather sympathetic piece in the Post about how he is “burning to see his children” but is unable because his “vengeful wife” is “spitefully” making it “difficult” for him.

“[Rodriguez] fully intends to play a role in their future,” says his flack, Richard Rubenstein. That would be Richard Rubenstein of Rubeinstein Communications, which just happens to be the same PR firm that reps the New York Post. Isn’t that convenient!

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