Bring Me The Head Of Alberto Gonzales


Looks like former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales might get tagged with a perjury charge by Congress. Aides at the House Judiciary Committee are said to be examining an apparent discrepancy between Gonzales’s statements in the new inspector general report we noted on Monday and testimony he’d previously given to the committee. Specifically at issue is an order giving Bush political minions Kyle Sampson and Monica Goodling hire-and-fire power at the Department of Justice. Gonzo told DOJ investigators that he had “no present recollection of any of this [the order]” but advised a member of the committee last year who inquired about the order that there was “no question about it,” adding, “I had charged Mr. Sampson with organizing and coordinating the effort to gather information and present to me recommendations. Ms. Goodling assisted Mr. Sampson in the discharge or a wide variety of responsibilities.”

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