Alan Keyes Humiliates Barack Yet Again!


Sure, the adoring media is only too happy to tell you about Barack Obama‘s surging poll numbers in Texas. But in point of fact, Alan Keyes is in the Lone Star state as we speak making Obama look quite the fool. So assures Keyes’ website today with a telling anecdote from a recent appearance before the Deton County Republican Party. After rousing attendees to a standing ovation with an undoubtedly fascinating glimpse into his world, the event’s MC declared that their guest “kind of makes Obama seem like Don Knotts.” The remark not surprisingly “prompted laughter and applause from the hundreds of attendees,” while Keyes stood there silently pleased that people finally got it. Keyes-watchers believe this could be the greatest moment in the former ambassador’s political career since the time he jumped into a Rage Against the Machine mosh pit. []

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