Alan Dershowitz: We Don’t Love Them Hos

  • If the Governor Hobagger mess teaches us anything, it’s these truths: Even four grand does not guarantee the silence of a high-class skeezer; returning a $50,000 campaign donation from alleged underage rubdown connoisseur Jeffrey Epstein does not mean a politician (in this case Spitzer) isn’t into his own unique freak; and, finally, it teaches us that Harvard Law professor and OJ-ist Alan M. Dershowitz is okay with whores. In a comment buried at the bottom of one of Tuesday’s Spitzer stories in the New York Times, in a segment that discussed the governor’s 2004 crackdown on prostitution, the Dershbag sayeth of Spitzer: “I always thought he was somebody who would come down on crimes with real victims. Prostitutes aren’t victims—they’re getting paid a thousand dollars an hour, and the johns aren’t victims.” [NYT]

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