Gore Comes Aboard

TOGETHER AT LAST Al, Barack (Photo: Getty Images)

About time: Al Gore has (finally) officially endorsed Barack Obama, appearing with the candidate at a rally in Detroit Monday and saying, “I intend to do whatever I can to make sure [Obama] is elected….”

Tween scene: Disney is grooming a 15-year-old Texas girl, Demi Lovato, to succeed Miley Cyrus. Right now, they’re programming her to keep her shirt on.

Love is in the smog-filled air: Same-sex marriage became legal at 5:01 p.m. in California Monday. County registrar and clerks offices stayed open late across the state for those couples who wanted to be among the first to get hitched.

SURE, THERE’S MORE: No pup for Paris; Spitzer to be (dis)honored; and sex and the brain!

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