Franken v. Coleman in Minnesota Senate Race


The presumed sole opponent to incumbent Republican Sen. Norm Coleman in the Minnesota elections, Al Franken, might want to read the April issue of Radar for some freaky fodder in the fight against the now staunchly anti-drug Coleman. It seems he may have sampled his share of psychedelics while attending Hofstra University in the late ’60s (Franken, for his part, has copped to coke use while with SNL).

“All I’m saying is that pot is the last of things we might have done,” Norm Kent, a fellow anti-war college buddy of Coleman’s tells Radar. “If Norm had been busted in 1968, he might never have finished college.” (For the full scoop, pick up the new Radar on newsstands March 25.)

Franken is a step closer today to besting Jesse “The Body” Ventura as Minnesota’s best-known celebrity elected official. Mike Ciresi, Franken’s main opponent in the race for the Democratic Farmer Labor Party and a former trial lawyer best known for winning a 1998 tobacco settlement, has pulled out of the race, having been out fund-raised by former SNL writer and comedian.

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