Afghanistan To Be As Awesome As Iraq Soon!


From the Army Times: “An adviser to incoming U.S. Central Command boss Gen. David Petraeus predicts that the general will seek to re-create his Iraqi success in Afghanistan, using many of the same methods that appear to have turned the tide in Iraq over the last 18 months.”

From the New York TimesBaghdad Bureau blog: “We hear many stories about explosions happening all around Baghdad. They are all sad and we always have sympathy for the victims, but as my husband and I discovered on Tuesday, this is nothing compared to the real, immediate reaction you have when faced with the direct impact of a bombing.

“We were sitting in our car when the bomb exploded right in front of us. Two police officers were killed, two others were injured. Their white dress shirts turned red with blood. I saw pieces of their pink brains on the pavement underneath a flashing traffic light.”

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